Automatic Payment

You can have your Sweetwater Authority bills automatically deducted from your checking account by enrolling now for automatic payment!

For those who prefer its convenience, Sweetwater Authority offers Automatic Payment via electronic deduction from a checking account. As long as you maintain adequate funds in the account, there are no fees for Automatic Payment, no check-writing charges, and no late payments.

Beginning Automatic Payments

To begin automatic payment, please complete the automatic payment form (PDF) and return it with your current payment. Automatic Payment will begin with your next water bill. (Customers who prefer to mail or hand deliver payments are still welcome to do so.)

Sweetwater Authority now offers an additional way to pay your bill automatically. Log-on to our customer payment website and sign-up for automatic deduction through a credit card or electronic check. Just follow the directions on the website to begin, and you can also select our new paperless bill options.


There are no extra fees for these options.