Sweetwater Authority invests in the education of students in our service area to foster knowledge and appreciation for the value of water, and to bring awareness to the vital service the Authority provides to our customers and community.


“Being Water Wise Is...” Poster Contest

The "Being Water Wise Is..." poster contest gives K-6 students the chance to demonstrate how water is a precious and essential resource. By creating water-related art, students enhance their understanding of the importance of water. 

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High School Photo Contest

The High School Photo Contest challenges students to creatively showcase and celebrate the way water supports and enhances our daily lives.

Mini-grant Program

The mini-grant program is designed to support and enhance a variety of water-related curriculum and education opportunities by helping offset program/material costs. Educators are encouraged to seek creative and innovative uses for mini-grant funds that promote student understanding of water or the water industry.
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Ms. Smarty-Plants™ Programs

The popular Ms. Smarty-Plants™ programs deliver an educational and interactive experience that teaches K-6 students about water conservation, and their relation to the ecosystem as a whole. Sweetwater Authority will cover the cost of approved assemblies this year. To be flexible and equitable, The Ms. Smarty-Plants™ program will work with what your school district mandates.

 All programs are available in English and Spanish.

To book an assembly, please email Sweetwater Authority will approve funding requests made through the Ms. Smarty-Plants™ application, as funds are available.


Hydro Station

A partnership between Chula Vista Elementary School District, Sweetwater Authority and Otay Water District, Hydro Station is a unique learning experience that teaches students about careers and opportunities in the water industry. Each year, 4,000 fifth-grade students visit the Hydro Station, located at the Authority’s award-winning Desalination Facility.

Olivewood Gardens & Learning Center

As the Official Water Provider of Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center, Sweetwater Authority supports Olivewood’s educational and outreach efforts that promote the safety, value, and efficiency of tap water. Olivewood reaches more than 2,500 National School District students each year through their school education program.


Sweetwater Authority offers water education content on Thrively, an online educational platform that teaches students based on their strengths and interests. 

Living Coast Discovery Center

Sweetwater Authority’s interactive exhibit at the Living Coast Discovery Center teaches visitors about the wildlife and water quality of the Sweetwater River watershed. 
 The Living Coast also offers fun and engaging wildlife and science programs in several formats, including in-person field trips, virtual field trips and outreach programs at school sites.
 All programs are available in English and Spanish.
Apply for mini-grant funds for a Living Coast program.

San Diego County Office of Education's Splash Lab & Green Machine 

 Sweetwater Authority’s mini-grants can help fund visits from the San Diego County Office of Education's Splash Lab and Green Machine. These mobile science labs teach students about water, healthy watersheds and the environment.

Additional Resources

Be WaterSmart Workbook

San Diego County Water Authority provides a free education workbook for elementary students, available in digital and print (PDF) versions. Learn about the water cycle, our county's water supplies, water-use efficiency, and more.

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