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Free, Water Efficient Landscape Plans

Sweetwater Authority customers are encouraged to use the following professionally drawn, water-efficient landscape plans for single family homes. The Landscapes for San Diego Project produced four exciting landscape plans, each rendered for a model home by well-known San Diego landscape architects. Each architect themed his/her plans to fit common family audiences.

Water Efficient Landscapes

Where can I go to see a California water efficient garden? Visit the Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College. Stroll through five acres of beautiful themed gardens and learn how to save water with water conserving plants, efficient gardening practices and irrigation techniques. The Garden is located in Rancho San Diego (within the Sweetwater River watershed).
Landscape Design Blueprint
Do you want to become a Master Composter? Sign for an educational class provided by the city of Chula Vista on composting.

Additional Resources

View information on the San Diego Sustainable Landscapes Program to help transform an urban, turf-based landscape into a sustainable one.

For more gardening tips, check out Sunset Magazine's climate zone guide.

Landscape Contest

Do you have a landscape that you are proud of? Why not enter the California-Friendly Landscape Contest. You could win a $250 gift card.