High School Photo Contest

2021 High School Photo Contest - Water at Home

This year’s contest challenges students to creatively showcase and celebrate through photography the many ways we use water in our homes every day.

Water supports our daily lives. It flows into our homes, helping to quench our thirst, cook, clean, grow food, and keep us healthy. In the last year, we’ve seen how important access to water can be in order to help fight the spread of viruses. What ways you do interact with water at home? 


Water at Home


  • $400 1st place
  • $300 2nd place
  • $200 3rd place

Photo Location

Within Sweetwater River Watershed and/or Sweetwater Authority’s Service Area


  • Color
  • Black and White
Students can submit up to 3 photos in each category.


March 19, 2021 at 5 p.m.

The contest is available to students who live in or attend school in Sweetwater Authority's service area.