• Smart Leak Detector Rebate Program: Customers are now eligible for a $100 rebate for the purchase of a qualifying smart leak detector device. Read more about this program and view the rebate application here.
  • Residential Landscape Transformation Program: San Diego County residents can receive $2.00 per square foot (or more depending upon incentive fund availability) for replacing turf with sustainable landscaping features through the Landscape Transformation Program, which includes a partnership between the San Diego County Water Authority and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. More information is available at Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Irrigation Sensor Controller Rain Sensor (PDF): Rain sensors shut off irrigation if they have sensed precipitation. This helps home owners from having to remember to turn off the irrigation when rain is forecasted. It costs $25 per device.
  • Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV): Sweetwater Authority is offering an incentive of up to $75 for the repair/replacement or install on PRV's. Please see rebate form for details and restrictions.
  • Carwash rebate (PDF): Sweetwater customers are eligible to receive a reimbursement of up to $10 in the form of a rebate or a bill credit. Carwashes must be located within Sweetwater Authority's service area. Carwash provider must reclaim / recycle their water. A list of carwashes (PDF) can be found here.
  • Living Coast Discovery Center Rebate Sweetwater Authority customers are eligible to receive a bill credit for the cost of 1 adult admission ($16.00) See rebate form for additional details.
  • Single Source Gray Water System Retrofit (PDF): Divert your used washing machine water or "graywater" to your trees and shrubbery. Rebate: $75 towards purchase and installation.  See these rebate approval tips (PDF)
  •  Free Home or Business Water Audits: To schedule a visit to your home or business for a conservation specialist to evaluate the water efficiency of your property, call 619-409-6779.
  • Premium High Efficiency Toilets Rebate: ($1.06 gal/per/flush or less) up to $40 each for residential, and commercial. Urinals are $200 each.
  • High Efficiency Clothes Washer: Must meet CEE Tier 1 standards for eligibility, $85 available rebate. Check with SDG&E to see if additional rebate amounts are offered in conjunction with your Socalwatersmart rebate.
  • Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles: Rotating nozzles apply water at a lower rate which decreases ponding and reduces runoff and misting. Rebate: $2 per nozzle, with a minimum quantity of 30
  • Weather-based Irrigation Controllers: $80 per controller; 1 acre or larger; $35 per station
  • Rain Barrels: Staring January 1, 2017 Rebate amounts reduce to $35. Collects and re-uses rainwater from gutters and downspouts for lawns and gardens. Rebate: Starts at $35 per barrel
  • Cisterns: 200-500 gallons $250, 501-999 gallons $300, 1000+gallons $350
  • Soil Moisture Sensor System: Starts at $80, or $35 per sensor for larger residential sites.
  • Are you a commercial customer or a business owner? See this page for rebates on plumbing fixtures, landscape irrigation devices, food equipment, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, and medical and dental equipment.

Grant Programs

Sweetwater Authority offers two grant programs to assist customers.
  • Savings Through Efficiency Program (STEP). Download and print a copy of the STEP grant application and then mail to the address shown on the application.  
    • Call 619-409-6779 for details.
  • Water Efficiency Education Program (WEEP). Download and print a copy of the WEEP grant application (PDF), and then mail to the address shown on the application.
    • Call 619-409-6779 for details.

Helpful Resources

If you need help please call our Water Efficiency Helpline at 619-409-6779.

You can request a history report of your water usage along with a FREE water survey of your property by calling our Water Efficiency line 619-409-6779.

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