• Leak Repair rebate (PDF): Up to $75 for leak repairs made during the month of March.  Commercial customers may be eligible for additional funding. See details on the rebate application or the STEP grant below.
  • Irrigation Sensor Controller Rain Sensor (PDF): Rain sensors shut off irrigation if they have sensed precipitation. This helps home owners from having to remember to turn off the irrigation when rain is forecasted. It costs $25 per device.
  • Carwash rebate (PDF): Sweetwater customers are eligible to receive a reimbursement of up to $10 in the form of a rebate or a bill credit. Carwashes must be located within Sweetwater Authority's service area. Carwash provider must reclaim / recycle their water. A list of carwashes (PDF) can be found here.
  • Single Source Gray Water System Retrofit (PDF): Divert your used washing machine water or "graywater" to your trees and shrubbery. Rebate: $75 towards purchase and installation.  See these rebate approval tips (PDF)
  • Free Sprinkler Nozzle Program: Sweetwater residential customers can receive 25 High Efficiency nozzles for free. Commercial customer can receive 100 High Efficiency nozzles for free.
  • Free Home or Business Water Audits: To schedule a visit to your home or business for a conservation specialist to evaluate the water efficiency of your property, call 619-409-6779.
  • Premium High Efficiency Toilets Rebate: (1.06 gal/per/flush or less) up to $40 each for residential, and commercial. Urinals are $200 each.
  • High Efficiency Clothes Washer: Must meet CEE Tier 1 standards for eligibility, $85 available rebate. Check with SDG&E to see if additional rebate amounts are offered in conjunction with your Socalwatersmart rebate.
  • Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles: Rotating nozzles apply water at a lower rate which decreases ponding and reduces runoff and misting. Rebate: $2 per nozzle, with a minimum quantity of 30
  • Weather-based Irrigation Controllers: $80 per controller; 1 acre or larger; $35 per station
  • Rain Barrels: Staring January 1, 2017 Rebate amounts reduce to $35. Collects and re-uses rainwater from gutters and downspouts for lawns and gardens. Rebate: Starts at $35 per barrel
  • Soil Moisture Sensor System: Starts at $80, or $35 per sensor for larger residential sites.

Grant Programs

Sweetwater Authority offers two grant programs to assist customers.
  • Savings Through Efficiency Program (STEP). Download a copy of the application or complete the on-line application and click "Submit" on the last page. You will receive a copy of your submitted application via email. 
    • Call 619-409-6779 for details.
  • Water Efficiency Education Program (WEEP). Download and print a copy of the WEEP grant application (PDF), and then mail to the address shown on the application.
    • Call 619-409-6779 for details.

Helpful Resources

If you need help please call our Water Efficiency Helpline at 619-409-6779.

You can request a history report of your water usage along with a Free water survey of your property by calling our Water Efficiency line 619-409-6779.