Target Water Allocation

Target Water Allocations are not being enforced at this time.

About the Allocation

The Target Water Allocation is the recommended maximum water usage for a property during the designated billing cycle. A Target Water Allocation has been assigned to each property based upon that property's historic water use during a similar billing cycle in the Base period, less the percentage water use reduction goal to be achieved. Currently, the Base period is 2013, and the target reduction factor is 0. Most customers receive their water bills on a bimonthly basis, or 6 times a year; therefore 6 Target Water Allocation amounts have been calculated - 1 for each billing cycle. For example, if a customer used 20 HCF during the January-February billing cycle in 2013, with the reduction factor of zero, the customer's January through February Target Water Allocation is 20 HCF. If a reduction factor of 10% was applied, then the customer's January through February Target Water Allocation would be 18 HCF. [20 - (20 x 0.10) = 18]

Returning of Drought Conditions

Should drought conditions return, the Authority may implement a reduction factor and penalties may be assessed for exceeding the Target Water Allocation. All single family residential properties using less than or equal to a minimum amount of water are exempt from penalties, regardless of historical use and Target Water Allocation. Specifically, during a Drought Level 2, penalties will not be assessed for residential water use that is less than or equal to 28 HCF for bills received in July, August, September and October and 22 HCF for bills received all other months.

Exempt Customers

Certain customer classes are exempt from the water use reduction penalty, such as certain medical establishments and commercial establishments that provide an opportunity for conservation by offering services that allow individuals an alternative measure for completing water depending tasks (e.g., car washes with recycled water, Laundromats).

Adjustment Requests

To request an adjustment please complete and email the TWA Adjustment Form.