Sweetwater Authority is committed to providing its core services while maintaining a balanced approach to human and environmental needs.

Sweetwater Authority (Authority) has developed and implemented a Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) which contains goals to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the Authority's operations and services. Authority employees implement numerous initiatives designed to achieve the SAP goals. A Green Team (of selected staff from each workgroup) tracks the status, cost, and savings related to these initiatives as a means of measuring progress towards the Authority's vision of becoming a sustainability leader.


Major goal areas of the SAP include:
  • Sustainability Inventory
  • Energy Use and Renewables
  • Water Use
  • Green Purchasing
  • Waste Reduction
  • Transportation

Major Accomplishments/Initiatives Implemented

  • Installation of hydroelectric turbines at the Robert A. Perdue Water Treatment plant for alternative energy generation
  • Replacement of lighting fixtures at three Authority facilities with energy-saving LED lighting
  • Staff education via sustainability e-newsletters and on-boarding documents for new hires
  • Waste segregation and recycling for all Authority offices
  • Reduced water consumption at Authority facilities by replacing turf with water smart landscapes
  • Replacement of some Authority gasoline engine passenger vehicles with electric hybrid vehicles
  • Energy efficient solid state hard drive replacement for Authority computers
  • Administration building landscape certified as a "Wildlife Habitat" through the City of Chula Vista Conservation Program
  • Certified as a City of Chula Vista CLEAN business