Sweetwater Reservoir

Sweetwater Dam was completed in 1888. It undergoes frequent safety inspections and has recently been upgraded with several modern improvements to assure that it will continue providing safe water storage into the coming century.

The Sweetwater Reservoir Riding and Hiking Trail is a County of San Diego Trail, operated through an easement granted by the Sweetwater Authority.

Habitat Management Program

Several critical species inhabit the areas adjoining Sweetwater Reservoir. Included are the endangered least Bell's vireo, the California gnatcatcher, vernal pools and a number of indigenous plant species. Sweetwater Authority has a habitat management program in place at Sweetwater Reservoir.


The Robert A. Perdue Water Treatment Plant is located on the north side of the Sweetwater Reservoir which treats water from Loveland and Sweetwater Reservoirs.

Sweetwater Reservoir

 Intake Tower at Sweetwater Reservoir