Water Quality

All of the water Sweetwater Authority provides to customers must pass many tests designed to guarantee its safety. The Authority makes sure that the water meets or exceeds federal, state and local regulations for water quality, and provides annual consumer confidence reports about water quality to each consumer. For questions about water quality, please call (619) 420-1413.

Water Quality Report (English) (PDF)

Water Quality Report (Spanish) (PDF)

Water Quality Report (Tagalog) (PDF)

Triannual Public Health Goal Report
2022 Public Health Goals Report (PDF)

Water Color, Taste & Odor Concerns

Sweetwater Authority takes pride in delivering high-quality water to our customers. Occasionally, certain occurrences within the Authority’s water sources or distribution system can affect water color, taste and odor.

See Water Color, Taste & Odor
 for more information on how to address water quality issues.

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