Our Water

Sweetwater Authority is a publicly-owned water agency with policies and procedures established by a 7-member Board of Directors.

Sweetwater Authority provides safe, reliable water service (since 1977) to approximately 190,000 people in National City, Bonita and the western and central portions of Chula Vista, California.

Sweetwater Authority owns and operates Loveland Reservoir, Sweetwater Reservoir, a brackish groundwater desalination facility and deep freshwater wells. Water obtained in each of these areas is influenced by the 230-square-mile Sweetwater River Watershed, a land stretching from the Cleveland National Forest to San Diego Bay.

Helpful Documents

Large Sweetwater Authority Service Area

Future Perdue Water Treatment Facilities

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the Robert A. Perdue Water Treatment Plant Master Plan for Future Facilities Report is now available for review.

Sweetwater Authority Boundaries

  • Gross land area (square miles): 45.1
    • Loveland Reservoir: 5.1
    • Service area: 36.1
    • San Diego Bay: 3.7
    • City of San Diego: 0.2