Water Service Application Process

Application for a new, an upgrade, or modification to an existing water service from Sweetwater Authority (Authority) is required when: 
  • Requesting the installation of a new water meter and service lateral
  • Adding square footage to a home, business, or other building
  • Constructing single-family dwellings, multi-unit apartments, or structures that require water or fire protection
  • Requesting abandonment, modification or relocation of an existing water meter
  • Adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or additional residential units
  • Change to water use type (e.g. irrigation, domestic, fire protection)
  • Change to Business type (for commercial accounts, e.g. furniture outlet to fast food, etc.)
Only the property Owner or authorized agent of the Owner (Applicant) can request/apply for the installation, abandonment, modification or relocation of a water service or Authority owned facility.

Submittal Process

To apply for new or modify an existing water service, contact the Authority’s Engineering Department at (619) 420-1413 to initiate the submittal process. The application typically takes four weeks to process. This accounts for the required time to: 
  • Review the Applicant’s service request 
  • Visit the project site and develop a cost estimate 
  • Calculate applicable fees, deposits, and credits 
  • Prepare and transmit a Fees and Deposits letter to the Applicant, indicating the applicable fees, credits and deposits

Required Items

The Applicant will be asked to provide the following: 
  • Owner’s authorization (if acting as agent of the Owner) 
  • Legal description of the subject property 
  • Information regarding the type of project or development to be served 
  • Type of water service (e.g. domestic, irrigation, fire) 
  • Fire flow requirements from the local Fire Protection Agency (if applicable) 
  • Construction plans approved/stamped by the applicable building jurisdiction, including site plans, building floor plans, and plumbing plans showing all existing and proposed plumbing fixtures 
  • The Applicant shall designate the location of the meter(s) by marking a white “W” on the face of curb or on top of the pavement 
  • An Authority representative will visit the project site and confirm the proposed meter location
When all submittal items have been provided, the Authority will develop a cost estimate for the construction work, calculate applicable fees, credits, and deposits, and transmit the Fees and Deposits letter with request for fees and deposit.

Construction Process

The construction process begins when fees and deposit funds are received. The Authority’s construction process typically takes eight weeks to complete. This accounts for the time typically required to: 
  • Process fees and deposits 
  • Create a new service account 
  • Process and obtain construction permit(s) from applicable agencies 
  • Install service(s) and meter(s) 
  • Process and approve backflow preventer (as applicable) 
  • Repair paving
Within two months after completion of construction, costs will be tabulated and a final
billing or refund will be provided to the Applicant.

If the Applicant or its sub-contractor elects to construct the new service installation or any modification to the Authority’s facilities, subject to approval by the Authority, the Applicant will be required to enter into an Agreement to Improve Development.

Authority Capacity Fees

The purpose of the collection of a Sweetwater Authority (Authority) Capacity Fee is to fund appropriate levels of water capacity for new or upgraded connections to the Authority’s water distribution system.

Collection is based on an Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU). An EDU is a unit that equates all residential, commercial, and industrial connections to a typical single-family residential unit.

Current Authority Capacity Fees can be found here.

San Diego County Water Authority Capacity Charges

The San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) capacity charges are collected by the Authority on behalf of SDCWA when new meters are purchased or existing services are upgraded with a larger meter. The SDCWA capacity charges are based on meter size. The meter size is calculated by the water fixture count in accordance to the current California Building and Plumbing Code.

Current SDCWA Water Rates & Charges can be found here.

Additional information

The above information is based on the Authority’s Rates and Rules [PDF] and Supplement to Rates and Rules [PDF].

Additional information includes the Authority's Design Standards [PDF] and Standard Specifications for Construction of Water Facilities [PDF].