Projects under Public Review

The Authority notifies the general public, responsible agencies, and special interest groups of proposed projects, programs, or activities subject to public review and comment by doing the following:

• Posting notices in local newspapers and the Authority's website. 
• Discussing any ongoing environmental or planning document review at public Governing Board meetings and hearings, as applicable.
• Filing notices and environmental documents with the County Clerk and/or the California Office of Planning and Research, as applicable.
• Distributing hard and/or digital copies of environmental and/or planning documents to local libraries, regulatory agencies, and various interested parties 

Sweetwater Reservoir Recreation Master Plan

Sweetwater Authority intends to adopt an addendum to the Supplement to the Final Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) for the Sweetwater Reservoir Recreation Master Plan, consistent with SWA’s Local CEQA Guidelines and State CEQA Guidelines. Minor modifications to the operational schedule of the Fishing Program are being proposed, as disclosed in the addendum. Under CEQA, this action does not require public review; however, any comments received will be accepted and taken into consideration. The addendum will be considered by the Governing Board at a public Board meeting on June 23, 2021.

Addendum to the SEIR for the Sweetwater Reservoir Recreation Master Plan (2021) (PDF)
Supplement to the Final Environmental Impact Report, SEIR (2001) (PDF)
Appendices to the SEIR, 1 of 2 (2001) (PDF)
Appendices to the SEIR, 2 of 2 (2001) (PDF)
Mitigation Monitoring Program (2001) (PDF)

Final EIR, includes Draft EIR (1987) (PDF)


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