Approved Projects

As a Lead Agency for CEQA, the Authority considers a project “approved” once the decision-making body has (1) reviewed and considered, in its totality, the project’s final environmental documents, and (2) decided to approve or carry out the project. The following projects have been recently approved by the Authority: 

36-inch Transmission Main Replacement Project

The project would include the installation of approximately 16,500 linear feet of water transmission main (main) and abandonment of the existing water main within the Sweetwater River valley. The primary objective of the project is to replace the existing main in order to ensure reliability of the treated water supply to Sweetwater Authority’s customers throughout its service area. The majority of the main would be installed within proximity to the existing alignment, while portions would be realigned. The project has been designed so that construction activities would remain in previously developed areas to the maximum extent feasible. The project is located in the City of Chula Vista and the unincorporated community of Bonita, San Diego County. The project alignment begins just west of Interstate 805 and ends near State Route 125. The project includes 5 segments primarily along Bonita Rd., but also Willow Street, Chula Vista Golf Course, and Bonita Golf Course.
36-inch Transmission Main Replacement Project MND Final

Sweetwater Dam and South Dike Improvements Project

The proposed project would include improvements to the Sweetwater Dam and South Dike to safely pass and contain storm water flows associated with a Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) event. In order to achieve that primary objective, an existing parapet wall on the north side of the dam would be raised and a new parapet wall would be constructed on the south side. Additionally, the South Dike would be raised. Other minor repairs and modifications to the Sweetwater Dam, South Spillway, and associated facilities would also be conducted. The proposed project would fully comply with the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Division of Safety of Dams (DSOD) regulatory program (California Water Code Division 3, Dams and Reservoirs).  
Sweetwater Dam and South Dike Improvements MND Final

Sweetwater Reservoir Wetlands Habitat Recovery Project

The Sweetwater Reservoir Wetlands Habitat Recovery Project is a habitat improvement action in support of the Sweetwater Reservoir Habitat Management Program, which provides management/conservation of habitat for the state and federally endangered least Bell’s vireo. The project would entail the comprehensive restoration of the riparian habitat at the confluence of the Sweetwater River and Sweetwater Reservoir, resulting in a self-sustaining ecosystem supporting high quality least Bell’s vireo habitat. 
Sweetwater Reservoir Habitat Recovery Project MND Final 

Please note approved projects are removed from this webpage after one year of adoption or once project is completed.
The Authority's environmental staff can be contacted at for any questions on these or previously approved environmental documents.