Water Main Flushing FAQs

Water Main Flushing FAQs (PDF)

What is water main flushing? 

Over time, natural sediments can accumulate in the large water pipes (called mains) located beneath the streets.  While these sediments are completely safe, they may affect water color, taste and odor.  Water main flushing is the process of cleaning the interior of water mains and removing any accumulated sediment by sending a rapid flow of water through the mains.  This rapid flow disrupts any sediment that may accumulate in the main over time, allowing us to filter and remove it.

Why is Sweetwater Authority (Authority) flushing the water mains? 
The Authority is committed to providing customers with safe, reliable water.  We take pride in consistently delivering water that not only meets, but exceeds Federal and State water quality standards. The Authority performs routine water main flushing in order to ensure our water maintains its high quality in the long-term. 

Will I see an impact on my water service during the flushing?
No impacts on water services are expected during the flushing process and water will remain safe to drink, however you may experience some temporary discoloration or sediment in your water. 

If you notice any water quality issues, try running the water at an outside hose bib for several minutes to flush the line between your meter and house. Inside your home or business, you may wish to remove the aerators from your faucets, and then run the faucets for several minutes to keep from plugging water filters and toilets. We recommend monitoring water quality prior to starting laundry to avoid potential stains.

I let my faucet run for a few minutes, but I’m still seeing discoloration. What should I do?
If you continue to experience discoloration or sediment in your water after the Authority has completed flushing in your neighborhood, please call (619) 409-6850.  

How will the Authority monitor water quality during the flushing?
Your access to clean and safe water is the Authority’s top priority, and our crews will be monitoring the water quality in your area during flushing activity.  The Authority follows very strict water quality requirements and your water will remain safe to drink.  Any discoloration or sediment in your water is temporary, and can be cleared from your pipes by running water from your faucet for a few minutes.

If you experience continued discoloration or sediment in your water after the Authority has completed flushing in your neighborhood, please call (619) 409-6850.