Mini-grant Terms & Conditions

Sweetwater Authority (Authority) offers mini-grants to schools within our service area to support and enhance water-related curriculum and education.

By investing in the education of students in our service area, the Authority seeks to foster knowledge and appreciation for the value of water and to bring awareness to the vital service the Authority provides to our customers and community.   


All K-12 educators at schools within the Authority’s service area are eligible to apply regardless of discipline or subject areas taught. Non-educator applicants will be reviewed for approval on a per-case basis. 


Mini-grants are up to $300 per class, with the exception of Splash Lab, Green Machine and Ms. Smarty Plants programs which are fully funded. Mini-grants can be used for admission, transportation or program costs for an Authority-approved field trip, assembly and/or water-related curriculum/program/materials. The Authority encourages educators to seek creative and innovative uses for mini-grant funds that promote understanding of water or the water industry.

Upon approval, mini-grant payments will be submitted directly the school within 30 days, unless otherwise noted in the approval letter. It is the school/educator’s responsibility to arrange and submit payment to the institution or organization pre-approved by the Authority for mini-grant use.

If the pre-approved mini-grant use is unavailable, or an alternative educational opportunity is desired, educators may submit a request for a change in terms of mini-grant approval in writing or by email to the Authority at the address listed below. The Authority must provide written approval for alternative use prior to the use of mini-grant funds.

All unexpended funds must be returned to Sweetwater Authority by June 15 of the current school year, or as indicated on the approval letter. 

The Authority is in no way obligated to fund any application and reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to decline any application.

Grantee Responsibilities


The grantee is responsible for implementation of the approved mini-grant funded field trip, assembly and/or water-related curriculum/program. 


The grantee agrees to provide photos/videos of mini-grant funded activity and/or thank you note(s) or written feedback from students. It is the grantee’s responsibility to ensure each person appearing in photos has a photo release on file with the appropriate educational institution.

Additionally, the grantee is responsible for providing evaluation and/or feedback on the mini-grant program or grant funded activity if requested by the Authority.

The Authority reserves the right to publicize awarded mini-grants in outreach materials, on our website, through various social media channels, and at public meetings of the Sweetwater Authority Governing Board.

Additional Promotion

Grantees are encouraged to share the success of their mini-grant through a variety of ways, such as videos, photos, articles in the school listserv and through social media. By the grantee sharing the success of their mini-grant, the Authority hopes to inspire additional collaboration with educators serving students within our service area.


Required forms and communications can be submitted to:

Sweetwater Authority Education Programs

505 Garrett Avenue
Chula Vista, CA, 91910