Algae Blooms in Sweetwater Reservoir

At certain times of year, naturally-occurring algae blooms may occur in Sweetwater Reservoir. Though they typically pose no public health risk, algae blooms have the potential to impact water taste and odor.

Sweetwater Authority may take proactive measures to apply an approved aquatic pesticide (copper sulfate) to Sweetwater Reservoir in order to control the taste and odor causing algae and lessen potential impacts. Applications are performed in an environmentally-safe manner and follow strict regulatory requirements.

In order to improve water quality, on May 27, 2020 the Authority applied copper sulfate to Sweetwater Reservoir to control taste and odor causing algae. At the present time, the Authority is not treating from Sweetwater Reservoir, and the recreational fishing program is closed. No impacts to our customers are anticipated.

For more information regarding algae treatment and odor, please call Mark Hatcher (619-409-6813) or Juan Reyes (619-409-6826).

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The Authority’s annual water quality report is available in English here (PDF) and in Spanish here (PDF).