Smart Leak Detector Rebate Program

Customers of Sweetwater Authority and Helix Water District are now eligible for a $100 rebate for the purchase of a qualifying smart leak detector device.

What is a smart leak detector?
Smart leak detectors allow you to monitor your home’s water use in real time, 24/7. They sync to your smartphone and alert you if there is high consumption or a leak at your property. This can help you manage your daily water use and protect your home from expensive leaks.

To be eligible for this rebate pilot program you must be a customer of either Helix Water District or Sweetwater Authority and purchase a qualifying device on or after August 1, 2019.

It’s easy to apply!

  1. Purchase a qualifying device on or after August 1, 2019.
  2. Complete the rebate application
  3. Submit your application and a copy of your sales receipt to your water district.

Qualifying Devices

A qualifying device requires all of the following characteristics: 
  1. Automatically records water use at a minimum of five minute intervals;
  2. Automatically alerts or notifies users of unusual water usage including spikes in usage and continual flows; and
  3. Provides customers with a platform to view their water consumption data.
Examples of models that meet these characteristics include:

Plumbed Devices
External Devices
DISCLAIMER: Sweetwater Authority and Helix Water District do not endorse individual vendors, products or services. Therefore, any reference herein to any vendor or product by trade name, trademark, manufacturer or otherwise does not constitute or imply the endorsement or recommendation of Helix Water District or Sweetwater Authority. 

What types of devices are available?

There are two types of smart leak detectors: plumbed devices and external devices. Both types allow you to monitor your water use and send an alert to your smartphone when they detect high use and/or possible leaks.

Plumbed devices are plumbed into your existing water lines. Most of these devices can automatically shut the water off at their point of installation, or allow you to shut your water off remotely, in case of a leak. Since these devices tap into your existing plumbing system, a licensed plumber and permit may be required for installation. Plumbed devices are typically more expensive than external devices. 

External devices attach to the outside of your water meter, typically with some type of strap, making them simple to install. Since external devices are not directly attached to your plumbing system, they do not have the ability to automatically shut off your water, or allow you to shut off your water remotely, if a leak occurs. External devices are typically less expensive than plumbed devices.

Does it measure your irrigation?

The last thing to consider is if the device is able to measure outdoor water use. This is important because half of the water a typical home uses is outdoors. If you use more water during the summer, then you will want a device that will measure your irrigation use. This way the device can alert you of faulty irrigation programming, broken sprinklers or outdoor leaks. If you want to monitor your outdoor water use, make sure to select a device that installs before your main irrigation line branches off.

Important notice for homes with automatic residential fire sprinklers

Improperly installing a leak detector device could hinder operation of fire sprinklers. Always ensure plumbed leak detection devices are installed only on the domestic water line after it diverts from the fire sprinkler system. Never install a leak detection device into your home’s main water service line upstream of the fire sprinkler system. Consult a licensed plumber for guidance.

Rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are not guaranteed. 


Sweetwater Authority customers can call the Water Efficiency Helpline at 619-409-6779 or email

Helix Water District customers can contact Helix staff at 619-667-6226 or
Diagram of where to install a smart leak detector