Sweetwater Authority News Center

Providing Safe, Reliable Water

At Sweetwater Authority, we’re proud to provide an essential service to our community of nearly 200,000 customers in National City, Bonita and Chula Vista. Watch these videos to learn more about how we secure, treat, and deliver safe, reliable water.

Water Main Flushing Program

Sweetwater Authority’s innovative water main flushing program is using water-efficient technology to clean all 400 miles of our pipeline. Watch these videos to learn more about the program and how we’re working for your water.

Where Your Water Comes From

Thanks to investments and innovation, Sweetwater Authority has many diverse water resources that provide our customers with reliable water service. Watch these videos to learn more about how we turn local water into drinking water at our award-winning Groundwater Desalination Facility and capture and treat water at Sweetwater Reservoir and Perdue Water Treatment Plant.