Development Resources

Sweetwater Authority is proud to provide water to the thriving South County community. We continually look for ways to better serve the community, including ways to partner with developers to build the infrastructure needed to keep South County vibrant. 

In February 2020, the Governing Board adopted Resolution 20-04, which established guidelines for staff communication with developer customers to ensure the best possible service.

Application for a new, upgrade, or modification to an existing water service from Sweetwater Authority (Authority) is required when:

  • Requesting the installation of a new water meter and service lateral
  • Adding square footage to a home, business, or other building
  • Constructing single family dwellings, multi-unit apartments, or structures that require water or fire protection
  • Requesting abandonment, modification or relocation of an existing water meter
  • Adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or additional residential units
  • Changing water use type (e.g. irrigation, domestic, fire protection)
  • Changing business type (for commercial accounts, e.g. retail to restaurant, etc.)
  • Constructing tenant improvements

Additional Resources

Contact Engineering

Fill out this form to contact Sweetwater Authority's Engineering Department with questions about your project.

Development FAQs

Review the Development FAQs for answers to common questions.

Request Utility Information

Fill out this form to request utility information,  including pipeline plans, maps, water service papers, work orders and facility block maps.

  1. 1. Starting Your Project
  2. 2. Design Review
  3. 3. Construction of Water Facilities
  4. 4. Payment Reconciliation Process

The Developer (owner or authorized agent to act on behalf of the owner) shall contact Sweetwater Authority at (619) 420-1413, or through this online form and submit project information. The typical project submittal, review, approval and construction process is provided in the Authority’s Water Service Application Guide (PDF). 

The design, review, and approval process for a project shall typically be processed as follows:

  1. Developer presents project location and information such as a Required Agency Clearance Form, Mapping, Grading, Street improvement, Building or Fire Protection plans, or a defined scope of work (e.g. moving a service lateral, adding an additional water service to serve existing irrigation or an existing second unit). Following submittal of the project information, and Authority technician is assigned to the Developer’s project. 
  2. Project submittals are preferred to be provided to the Authority in Adobe PDF documents via email. When project submittals are greater than 5 MB, the Authority will provide a Sendit, large e-file transfer request to the Developer. Hard copies of project submittals are also acceptable.
  3. Based on the type and size of the project, the Authority may continue to process the design, review, and approval of the project without the collection of a deposit to cover Authority design review and processing costs. Depending on the type and size of the project, a Design Requirement Letter (Design Requirement Letter Example 1 (PDF) and Design Requirement Letter Example 2 (PDF)), which provides the Developer’s acknowledgement of the Authority’s design requirements, and includes a deposit to cover Authority review and processing efforts, may be required. Please see the Developer Checklist (PDF) for the Authority’s engineering department’s typical design review deposit requirements. 
  4. Payment for the design review can be made by cash, up to $3,000, check payable to “Sweetwater Authority” or through the CardX on-line at the Developer Payment Portal.