Reservoir Enhancement Projects

Sweetwater Authority (Authority) is exploring the cost/benefit of resource enhancement opportunities at Sweetwater Reservoir, to provide an extra source of revenue to the Authority and reduce financial burden on Authority ratepayers, to potentially increase storage capacity the reservoir and to improve water quality. An increased storage capacity at Sweetwater Reservoir would provide an increased yield from local water sources that would reduce dependence on more expensive imported water supplies, further reducing the financial burden on Authority ratepayers. 

The Authority completed a Sediment Characterization Study (Study) of Sweetwater Reservoir sediments in October 2020 to determine sediment suitability for construction aggregate materials. The Study shows that approximately 50% of Sweetwater Reservoir sediments analyzed from 12 soil borings have potential to be used as construction aggregate materials that could serve the construction industry in the San Diego Region. The Authority is currently evaluating the next steps in the planning process to determine if sand recovery at Sweetwater Reservoir is a viable project. 

Relevant documents pertaining to the Sweetwater Reservoir Enhancement Project are included at the links on the right of this page.

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Aerial Tour of Reservoir

Sweetwater Reservoir Aerial Tour

Drone aerial of Sweetwater Dam and Reservoir