Program Participation Criteria

Water Efficiency Partner Program Participation Criteria

Businesses who meet certain criteria are eligible to receive exclusive rebates to help cover the costs of installing water efficient fixtures. Criteria are customized to each business’s needs. Examples of installation and implementation criteria include:

Indoor Fixtures

  • Toilets (1.1 gallons per flush or less)
  • Urinals (0.125 gallons per flush or less)
  • Calibrating automatic and sensor-flushing devices
  • HVAC (cooling tower conductivity controller or pH controller)
  • Air cooled ice machine (restaurants only)
  • Connectionless food steamers (restaurants only)

Business Practices

  • Water is only served upon customer request
  • Applicable signage posted (e.g. “If you notice leaking fixtures, please notify the manager.”)

Landscaping (if applicable)

  • Weather-based irrigation controller
  • Sprinkler heads with rotating nozzles
  • Drip irrigation
  • Grass/ turf has been replaced with a WaterSmart Landscape (at least 250 sq ft)

Employee Trainings

  • Meter reading
  • Implementing water saving tasks
  • Water-free cleaning methods
  • Water Efficient Partner Program participation information

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