Why allow fishing on a drinking water reservoir?
When residents voted for public ownership of the water system in the 1970s, voters asked for public fishing. Sweetwater Authority's Governing Board, in seeking a balance between human and environmental needs, supports the fishing program as a service to the entire region.

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1. Who operates the fishing program at Sweetwater Reservoir?
2. When can I fish at Sweetwater Reservoir?
3. Why allow fishing on a drinking water reservoir?
4. Will the Sweetwater Reservoir fishing program be expanded?
5. Will I ever be able to fish on the north shore of the Sweetwater Reservoir?
6. What type of concessions will be available at the site?
7. Will the lake be stocked with trout and other fish species?
8. Are boats allowed at Sweetwater Reservoir or Loveland Reservoir?
9. What other recreation is allowed?
10. Is camping allowed?
11. How many people are allowed to fish each day at Sweetwater Reservoir?
12. Is bowfishing allowed?