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Contact Us

  1. Public Comment

    This form is for the public to provide public comments for board meetings.

  2. Report a Water Quality Issue

    Use this form to request to report an issue with your water’s quality, including taste and odor issues. Messages sent through this form... More…

  3. Utility Request Form

    Use this form to request utility information, including pipeline plans, maps, water service papers, work orders and facility block... More…

  1. Public Records Request Form

    Use this form to send a public records request.

  2. Send Us a Message

    Use this form to send us a message. Messages sent through this form are read during business hours only. To report an emergency please... More…


  1. Mini-grant Application

    This form is for teachers in Sweetwater Authority's service area to request a mini-grant for certain educational... More…

For Customers

  1. Development Inquiries

    Use this form to submit development inquiries and to request to start a new project.

  2. Reservoir Enhancement Projects Information Request

    This form is for interested parties to ask questions about reservoir enhancement projects.

  1. Moratorium on Late Fees and Discontinuation of Water Service for Non-Payment for Customers Impacted by Local Flooding
  2. Start or Cancel Water Service

    Use this form to request to start or cancel water service.

Order Publications

  1. Customer Newsletter Request Form

    Use this form to request a printed or digital copy of Sweetwater Authority's quarterly customer newsletter.

Purchasing Forms

  1. Vendor Interest Form

    This form is for vendors to submit their information to be included in Sweetwater Authority's vendor database.

Water Efficiency

  1. Report Water Waste

    Use this form to report irrigation runoff, using a hose to wash down a driveway or sidewalk when no health hazard is present, watering... More…

  2. WaterSmart Checkup

    Use this form to request a free WaterSmart Checkup of your home or business.

  1. Water Efficiency Partner Program Interest Form

    Use this form to request a free WaterSmart Checkup and begin the process of enrollment in the Water Efficiency Partner Program.