How to Test for Leaks

Testing for Leaks

To test for a possible leak in your system, make sure all faucets and water-using appliances, inside and out, are turned off. Check the position of the hands on the water meter dial, and record the reading.

On odometer style meters, note the location of the sweep hand. If your meter has a triangular leak detector, watch to see whether the triangle is moving (at right).

Without using any water, wait for approximately 30 minutes, then recheck the meter. If the hand or the triangle has moved, or if the reading has changed, water is leaking (or running) somewhere on your property.
Meter Diagram 1

Helpful Resources

If you need assistance to locate your water meter or test for leaks, please contact the Customer Service Representative at Sweetwater Authority at 619-420-1413.

Detector Tablets

Free toilet tank leak detector tablets are available upon request. To order, please contact Sweetwater Authority's Customer Service staff at 619-420-1413.