Payment Options

Automatic Payment

Sweetwater Authority offers two options for paying your water bill automatically. The 1st option is via electronic deduction from a checking account by Sweetwater Authority. The 2nd option is to log-on to our customer payment website and follow directions to enroll in Automatic Payment with a credit card or electronic check.

As long as you maintain adequate funds in the account, there are no fees for Automatic Payment, no check-writing charges, and no late payments.

Online Payment

To pay your water bill with an electronic check or credit card, please log-on to the Sweetwater Authority customer payment website. Follow instructions to make a one-time payment, or if interested sign-up for Automatic Payment. One-time payments will be reflected the next business day.

Telephone Payment

You can pay your water bill by phone with a credit card or electronic check, with no convenience fee. Call 866-419-9408, please have your Sweetwater Authority water account number ready.

Note: If paying online or by telephone and your water is due to be disconnected or is disconnected please call the office at 619-420-1413 with your payment confirmation number.

Pay Near Me

You can pay your water bill (cash only) at any CVS or 7-Eleven store nationwide. You can access your unique payment barcode on your water bill, or online at

Mail-in Payment

Return bill payment stub with payment to:
Sweetwater Authority 
P.O. Box 51540
Los Angeles, CA 90051-5840

Please send all other correspondence to:
Sweetwater Authority
P.O. Box 2328
Chula Vista, CA 91912-2328

Walk-in/Drop-Off Payment

We accept cash, check payments and credit cards in the office. For directions, office hours, and location of 24-hour drop-off payment box click here.

Sweetwater Authority (Authority) would like to advise customers to only use our website for making bill payments online. While there are a variety of third party vendors that allow customers to make payments for their utility bills and other services, we cannot verify the safety and security of these sites, the timing of when we receive payment, or extra fees they may charge. Payments can take several days to process and this could pose challenges for our customers that are submitting payments on a disconnect notice as they may run the risk of their payment not making it to our system before their service is cut off. A list of Authority payment options are listed above.