Bill Estimator

The Bill Estimator is designed to approximate your water bill, and should be used for educational purposes only. Actual charges may vary depending on actual usage, rate variation and other factors.

Directions for Bill Estimator

  1. Using a recent water bill, locate the total units consumed during the billing cycle. Units are listed as the "Total Current Consumption" under Water Use Analysis on your bill, and are measured in Hundred Cubic Feet (HCF).
  2. Based on your previous units of consumption, enter an estimated unit value in the Use in HCF box below.
  3. Select your property's meter size from the drop-down menu below. Your meter size is listed on your bill under Service Information.
  4. Select your account type from the drop-down menu below.
  5. Click the Estimate Bill button to view your bill estimate.

Note for mobile devices: To view the estimator on a mobile device, please rotate the device to display in landscape mode.

Use in HCF (1)
Meter Size (2)
Billing Type Bi-Monthly
Account Type
Detail of Charges
Water Charge (3) HCF SWA
Tier 1   0-4 0 x ($0.00 + $0.00) = $0.00  
Tier 2   5-13 0 x ($0.00 + $0.00) = $0.00  
Tier 3   14-24 0 x ($0.00 + $0.00) = $0.00  
Tier 4   25+ 0 x ($0.00 + $0.00) = $0.00  
Flat Rate 0 x ($0.00 + $0.00) = $0.00  
Total Water Charge $0.00  
SWA RTS Charge (4) $0.00  
CWA & MWD Pass-Through Charge(5) $0.00  
Total Bi-Monthly Water Bill $0.00  
(1) HCF = one hundred cubic feet or 748 gallons of water.
(2) Typical residential meter size is 5/8.
(3) Residential water charge is based on volume of HCF used bi-monthly.
(4) Readiness To Serve (RTS).
(5) San Diego County Water Authority (CWA) and Metropolitan Water District (MWD) Pass-Through Charges: CWA Infrastructure Access (IAC), CWA Customer Service (CS), CWA Emergency Storage (ES), CWA Supply Reliability (SR), MWD Readiness To Serve (RTS), and MWD Capacity Charges.