Drought Updates & Information

Water efficiency as a way of life
For many Sweetwater Authority customers, using water wisely is already a way of life. Those efforts, along with the Authority’s investments in drought-proof water resources over many decades, means we have enough water even during a dry year.

We greatly appreciate our customers’ efforts to adopt a “WaterSmart” lifestyle. Using water efficiently helps to ensure we have enough of this precious resource for years to come.

Whether you’re already a super-saver or you need some guidance on how to make the most of every drop, the Authority has tips, rebates and resources to help customers save water and money.

Level 1 - Drought Watch
The Authority is currently in a Level 1 - Drought Watch status, the baseline level as outlined in the Sweetwater Authority Drought Response Plan (PDF). Because water should be used reasonably and productively at all times, standard Water Waste Prohibitions and Level 1 - Drought Watch Measures are in effect for all customers.

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