Is discolored water safe to drink and use?

In most cases, yes. If water appears brown or yellow, it usually means a change in water flow has caused some of the naturally-occurring mineral sediments (mainly iron and manganese) which may accumulate inside of the pipeline, to get stirred up or break free. Inside your home, you may also notice an accumulation of mineral sediment in your toilets over time. 

When a slight yellow/greenish tint is observed when filling a white sink or bathtub, but is not apparent in a glass of water, the observed tint may be due to naturally occurring color from Sweetwater Reservoir. Our water treatment processes are able to remove most, but not all natural color from the water. 

If the water has an unusual color (not described above), please do not drink or use the water. Call 619-420-1413 for emergency assistance. There may be a chemical backflow in your water service.

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