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1. What is my Capacity Fee based on?
2. How was the current Capacity Fee derived?
3. When was the Capacity Fee last changed?
4. What is an EDU?
5. What is the average use in gallons per day (GPD) in the Sweetwater Authority service area?
6. I’m building a new home. What will my Capacity Fee be?
7. I’m building a new home with an accessory unit, but only want 1 water service. What will my Capacity Fee be?
8. I’m adding an accessory dwelling unit to an existing single family residence. What will my Capacity Fee be?
9. Do I still need to furnish plumbing fixture unit count with my plan submittal to Sweetwater Authority since you charge Capacity Fees based on gallons per day?
10. I’m constructing a 10 unit condominium project on a vacant parcel. What will my Capacity Fee be?
11. I’m redeveloping a Single Family Dwelling into a 4-unit attached townhouse with a separate irrigation meter, using the existing water service for irrigation. What will my Capacity Fee be?
12. I have 2 existing residences in a duplex on my property currently being served by a single water meter, and plan to add another water meter so each house can be billed separately. Is there a fee?
13. How will the Capacity Fee be determined for commercial buildings?