Local Reservoirs

Sweetwater Authority owns and operates two local reservoirs: Loveland Reservoir and Sweetwater Reservoir. 

Loveland Reservoir

Loveland Reservoir, near Alpine, has a capacity of 25,400 acre feet. Its dam is 203 feet high and 765 feet wide, and was completed in 1945. Loveland Reservoir serves as a holding area for water which is released to Sweetwater Dam. 

To protect and preserve water quality and natural habitat, Sweetwater Authority and the U.S. Forest Service have established a unique partnership to provide public fishing access at Loveland Reservoir. In exchange for a parcel of land near the reservoir previously owned by the U.S. Government, Sweetwater Authority has provided land near Descanso to the National Forest System.

This exchange increases natural habitat and forest lands available to San Diego County and Southern California residents and wildlife. At the same time, Sweetwater Authority has improved public fishing access at Loveland Reservoir.

Sweetwater Reservoir

Sweetwater Dam was completed in 1888. It undergoes frequent safety inspections to ensure that it will continue providing safe water storage into the coming century.

The Robert A. Perdue Water Treatment Plant is located on the north side of the Sweetwater Reservoir which treats water from Loveland and Sweetwater Reservoirs.

Shoreline fishing is available at Sweetwater Reservoir. Additional recreation includes the Sweetwater Reservoir Riding and Hiking Trail, a County of San Diego trail. 

Loveland Reservoir

Loveland Reservoir

Sweetwater Dam and Reservoir

Drone aerial of Sweetwater Dam and Reservoir